Midlife Dimensions


Please join us in praying for the following requests. Thank You.

Wife of 13 years, 2 kids, husband leaving, needs prayers.

I am new to this site but glad I found it. My husband and I have been married for 13 years. Today as I write this crying, my husband has left me, he came and packed up some of his things and will return for the rest. He took amongst other things his wedding ring which he does not wear anymore. He doesn't have anyone else that I know of, he just doesn't want a family lifestyle anymore. I have been given a promise from The Lord that He will restore our marriage and it is the only hope that I now live by in faith. My husband has given up on our marriage and his family also hates me. We are in the process of selling the house and now he no longer wants to help me pack up all or sell the furniture which I cannot move around on my own. He has also said that he will cut me off financially, although God has told me to keep trusting Him. I feel devasted, anguished and alone.  I have two children and my daughter, keeps in touch with my husband but is generally cold and blames me for most arguments. My husband no longer loves me, respects me or values me and regards me as a useless human being when once he was so in love with me that I was his greatest admirer and the love of his life. Please pray for our marriage to be reconciled and most of all for my husband to come to know Jesus and be saved. I thank you lovingly for your help and pray that others like myself will be granted happiness, too, in their lives with their prodigals return.
God bless.

Wife and mother asking for prayer for herself, and her husband.

Please pray for my husband of 10 years who left our two young children and me nearly 2 months ago. He was the head of a Christian ministry and quit his job, left the family, and shut everyone out of his life at the same time. He is not seeking Christian counsel and believes he has a dark side that he can't avoid anymore. He told me this weekend that he is open to dating other women if the opportunity arises because he has no connection or emotional feeling toward me. Please pray for God's VICTORY over his heart, mind, and our marriage. Pray that his relationship with God is restored, as well as our marriage, and that his heart becomes bonded to mine. Pray for protection over him, specifically in regard to sexual temptation. And please pray for me to have strength, hope, faith, and Divine wisdom, love, and patience as I navigate through this fragile time. 

My boyfriend of 8+ years is in a midlife crisis.

Please pray for my boyfriend, who after 8 plus years is going through a midlife crises. Pray that God will break down the walls that is shutting me out. He says he still loves me and thinks about me every day. Yet he met someone who stimulates him intellectually. He says he is interested in her and says how sorry that our beautiful relationship has stopped. I didn't stop it he did. He still wants me in his life and he says he is confused. He is still considering couple counseling. I pray for him everyday that he comes to his senses, as his actions of back and forth decisions are taking their toll on me and draining me emotionally. Thank you.

Pray for the Unity of our Marriage

Please pray for the restoration of my marriage. My husband has left and intends to make a new life, abandoning our 21 year marriage and our family. I do not want this separation, or a divorce. This is a man I trusted and would have never believed capable of his actions. I pray every day that he open his heart to God and ask that the walls he's built to keep me out be broken down. The man I married is still there, but lost. Please pray for him, and also please pray for me and my children to find happiness and hope in the days ahead. I pray that the Lord removes the woman from our lives as she is causing such damage to our family.

Thank you.

Wife needs prayer, as husband turns from God

We are both born again Christians, married for 14 years, raising three young boys. My husband taught Bible study and led men's ministry. He lost his mother, then lost his job; while his son from previous marriage had been accusing him of not being a good dad. His personality changed showing irritation, withdrawal, anger, resentment, viewing porn, flirting with a female employee; been heavily using Facebook posting stuff out of his usual character, and consistently checking on the woman.

Please pray for God's hands to be upon my husband, that he will acknowledge the blessings God stores in our life of 14 years and that his heart will turn back to God, and to me.

Thank you.

My marriage of 26 years needs prayer.

Please pray for the restoration of my marriage.  My husband has left and intends to make a new life, abandoning our 26 year marriage and our family. I have decided to leave the state and move forward but I do not want this or a divorce. He tells me he still feels the same as always for me but feels "he can't be apart from her". This is a man I trusted and would have never believed capable of his actions. I pray every day that he open his heart to God and ask that the walls he has built to keep me out be broken down. The man I married is still there, but lost. Please pray for him, and also please pray for me and my children to find happiness and hope in the days ahead.
Thank you.

Please pray for God to reverse, restore and rebuild.

Please pray for my marriage. My husband wants a divorce and is so hardened and determined to get out.  I have read Jim Conway's "When a Mate Wants Out" and "Your Husband's Midlife Crisis". God is helping me be loving and kind to him. We are both strong believers. There is no infidelity, just a long history of stuffing feelings and not resolving conflict. I love my husband and do not want a broken family. I will do anything for a reconciliation. Please pray for God to reverse, restore and rebuild. By human eyes it looks hopeless but God is my hope. We have 2 children who will be devastated as well - ages 13 and 11. It's a praise we haven't had to tell them yet. My husband is planning to file for divorce soon, and to move out in January. Thank you for lifting up our family to the gracious Lord on our behalf!

Please pray for my husband to get through his crisis.

Please pray for my husband, as he works his way through his mdilife crisis:

1) That he would know how much I love him.

2) That he would find the strength, determination, and self belief to leave his adulterous relationship.

3) That he would return to rebuild our marriage and family.

Thank you.

Hurting Wife

Wife asks for prayer for husband's salvation

My husband is having an affair, I suspect a MLC. I'm reading and getting Godly advice, still learning... detaching and learning to come from a place of love.

I have let go of my husband, put him into God's hands, and prayed for his soul (he has not accepted Jesus) I would appreciate prayers that he is guided away from Satan and towards salvation first and secondly, if in God's will, that our marriage be saved. Thank you so much for your ministry.

Pray in agreement with Phil

Please Pray a hedge of protection around my mind, body and soul. Pray GOD overflows me with HIS Power, HOLY SPIRIT and Presence in my life. Pray the HOLY SPIRIT is so strong in my life that Satan and his servents will flee with terror because GODS presence is so strong in my life. Pray my body would be a strong vessel for the HOLY SPIRIT. Pray GOD raises me lightyears above Satan and those used by Satan, to glorify GOD In JESUS Name.

Please pray for my husband

Please pray for my husband. We've been married for almost 25 years. He is going through a midlife crisis and has filed for divorce. Please pray he comes out of his MLC and realizes how much he loves his wife and family.

Thank you.

Name withheld by request.

Please pray that my husband is "reminded" in his heart of what is right.

I am very sad and fearful of the future for myself, my husband of 18 years and my children - ages 3, 7, & 15. I believe that my husband is going through a Midlife Crisis for about 3-4 years. I did things wrong too, such as lying, and he doesn't trust me and will not forgive me which seems to be making his thoughts of starting over easier, and how I "don't meet his needs". I want so much for his heart to soften and God's wisdom to be upon him. I pray that he will not give up on "us" and I have been doing so much to change things and deal with my own health and emotional issues.

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Please pray my husband's soul is saved, like mine was, and our marriage and family saved too!

Please pray for my marriage to be restored. I am at the end of a messy divorce I do not want. I have 3 beautiful children and have been married for almost 12 years to my husband. I am deeply in love with him but he is involved with a "friend" and has broken my heart. He still lives with me but we have been physically seperated for almost 7 months. I am so lonely, I have handed over my burden to Jesus and pray constantly, along with changing my life.

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I am asking for prayer for God's wisdom in these times.

Hi. I am asking for prayer for God's wisdom in these times. I am a single mother who is a teacher. I need to know what to do with the money I have at this time, so I need God's wisdom. Please pray for my daughter who is going to have a baby, but is not married. She is 21 and living with her boyfriend. She was raised in a Christian home. They both need the Lord to lead them in raising this baby.
Thank you.

Pray the Lord will help me discern my husbands words and actions.

After 3 months of being separated my husband came home on Saturday to tell me that he had forgiven me and we could possibly work on reconciliation. I was so excited. But his words do not match up with his actions. He says one thing and does the opposite. Please pray that the Lord will help me discern my husbands words and actions and that he will direct our path to reconciliation without confusion or doubts.

"Anita180" sends a prayer, please join her in prayer.

We praise You God. You are Almighty and beyond wonderful! God, thank You for our lives! Please soften my husband's heart and root out his anger and pride from his mind and body. Protect him from the Evil one. Allow him to only hear your voice, God! I miss him.Our sons miss him. Please bring him back home soon!   Let him have a supernatural love for me and understand that I am his first one true wife, and he is my first one true husband. Allow my sons to have two parents married, in love, together. Please bless every aspect of our lives! We have 100% faith in You. Increase our faith. Please, Father God, give us Your Perfect Joy and Perfect Peace! Thank You God for blessing and answering this prayer. In the Name of Jesus, By the Word of Jesus, and By the Blood of Jesus, I pray. Amen!