Midlife Dimensions


Please join us in praying for the following requests. Thank You.

Let's all pray for this family & marriage to be saved.

I need prayers to save my marriage. My husband told me on his 35th birthday and 10 years of marriage that he loved me, but wasn't in love with me anymore. We have two young kids that want their daddy home. There wasn't any fighting or conflict in the home. The rug was pulled out from underneath us. He filed for divorce 2 months after he told me he was unhappy. My husband will not do marriage counseling and has shut out the kids. He was a great father that I admired. Please, please pray for my husband to return to his family. Thank you.

25 Years of Marriage at stake.

My husband of 25 yrs started his journey through midlife 4 yrs ago. Our oldest son went off to college. Our youngest started kindergarten. He started an affair with a coworker and has now received his no fault divorce. He moved on leaving our 24-year-old disabled daughter and four siblings behind. I have a new job, after being a stay at home mom, but very little left after daycare and household expenses. We pray and sow and God provides. What we really need is for prayer to save my husband and the father of these children from the evil that has entered our lives. God bless him with your mercy and protect him from the devil in that divorced women residing in his house. Help him to feel our love. Give him the wisdom and desire to make our family whole again. Blessings, amen.

My husband changed in a snap.

I need prayer for my marriage. First, I would like my husband to have a closer walk with God; now he has none, he won't even say grace. Also, I need prayers to heal my marriage, make my husband an active, loving partner. We live in the same house, but he refuses to sleep in the same room with me, and doesn't even talk to me; it's like I'm a piece of furniture. This has been going on for 3 years(in the summer of 2011, after his dad died, my mother died, and my niece committed suicide). I know he's going through something because he changed in a snap! I've tried to be patient and understanding, continue to pray for him, but I'm starting to get discouraged! He won't open up to me, and has said that he wants to move out and could care less if we got a divorce. Please, please pray for him to get back to God, and for our marriage to be restored!!

Evident stages of midlife.

My husband started his third year of his midlife crisis. He is ready to move out. His crisis started with his father's stroke, then he started to change in everything. I took a trip early this year, and after my return, he told me that he didn't miss me and just wanted to be friends. He is having an affair. He also went thru the stages of anger, blaming me, guilt, happy and proud behavior, discarded his clothing to buy new a colorful, young style of clothing. He's started excercising heavily. Sometimes he is nice to me, but other times he is moody and stressed out. Please pray to God for the healing of our marriage. Thank you so much.

Midlife is hard on families. They need our prayers.

My husband abandoned us (me and 2 teen daughters) 8 months ago for a girl in her 20's from his office. He is in his early 40's and in severe midlife crisis. He hasn't spoken to my daughters since he left. He has no regard for our feelings. He tells me that he has no heart and feels empty. He moved in with this girl and has done the meanest things to us. Shut our phones off and took everything. This girl controls him and this feels so cruel. We are now going through lawyers for support. He supported us and I was a stay home mom for 18 years. My daughters and I struggle mentally and financially. We are being evicted from our home. Please pray that I'll find a job. I pray for strength, not for myself, but to be who I should be for my daughters. It's in God's hands now and I pray for guidance. Please pray for my two teenage daughters and my husband.

Repentive wife - wants her marriage saved.

Hello, I have been married since 1999 to my best friend, my companion and a man I thought I could have never "landed" as they say. Throughout our marriage, there have been affairs - and even divorce at one point. But God always brought our hearts back together! We are now both 33 and my husband has decided to leave after finding out I have been talking to men online, I never intended to leave or cheat on him, I just wanted to feel worthy of someone's affection. I have repented, and want my marriage to work. Please pray for us and ask God to heal my husbands pain from what I have done to him. I take 100% of the blame. We have 4 kids, and I'd like to raise them with him and be happy again.

Wife halted divorce - needs our prayers.

Please pray for my husband. He has been in an affair for over a year, while wanting to live in our home and stay married. He will not give up the other woman. After months of this behavior, I asked him to leave our house, and filed for divorce. He continually tells me he doesn't want a divorce, but will not give up the affair. I have decided to stand with God for this marriage, and put the divorce on hold. Please pray that my husband listens to God, and will come home to his covenant spouse, who continues to wait, and hope, in the Lord's promise. Thank you.

Marriage in another country needs prayer.

Please pray for my broken marriage caused by infidelity. My husband left me for another woman, who was my friend. It was devastating, but God helped me through it. I do believe, and have hope, that God will restore my marriage and save my husband from this adultery. I pray God will bring my husband back to me, and our 2 kids. I humble myself before the Lord and trust that He will fight for me on this battle. I will always stand with my marriage. Pray for the salvation of my husband and the other woman, too. All Glory to God. Thank You and God Bless you more! (From the Philippines)

Marriage - built on solid faith in God.

Please pray for my husband and I - that my husband would let God soften his heart and bring him through his midlife crisis renewed and eager to restore our marriage. Please pray that our marriage is even better than it was before - built on solid faith in God. Many blessings. Thank you for your support.

Praying - Romans 8:28

My husband began a midlife transition 12 years ago which escalated into a full blown crisis that has destroyed our marriage and shattered our family. He was in Christian leadership for decades, but took a secular job in the entertainment industry 5 years ago and the crisis led to adultery which was finally revealed a year ago. A very acrimonious divorce is in process - he is not repentant, no guilt, has no remorse and will not admit to his infidelity. We are set for a jury trial because he refuses to offer a fair settlement. He has rewritten our lives - says he wanted a divorce for 24 of our 38 year marriage. He is with a woman 22 years his junior who left her husband to be with him. She has two children, the ages of our grandchildren. Please pray that I will have peace. Please pray that my husband will one day repent and be restored to a right relationship with God. Please pray he will agree to a fair settlement and will do so before we have to go to trial. Romans 8:28

Multiple marriages under attack. Please lift them up in prayer!

  1. Please pray God will act quickly to restore my marriage. I haven't heard a word from my husband for many months. Also pray I will have the strength and faith to continue to believe. Thank you.
  2. Please pray for my husband of 32 years who has been living with the "alienator" for the past 5 years.
  3. Please pray for my marriage of 24 years to my husband. I love him with all my heart and want him home with us.
  4. Please pray that The Lord will bring my husband of 32 years to his knees and heal and restore our marriage. I believe The Lord will restore our marriage for His glory.
  5. Please pray! My husband of ten years is going through a midlife crisis and wants out of our marriage. I am devastated and heartbroken.
  6. Please pray for my husband who has turned away from God and decided he wants a divorce. He's involved in an adulterous relationship. I'm standing for restoration of my marraige and believe taht God will save my husband.

(These are all separate prayer requests sent to us, no duplicates.)

Divorce is coming - please pray for us.

My wife and I separated in the spring, and the only contact has been via text messages. I left out of anger - and then I desired to come home – but she did not want me back. We have been married for a little over 2 and a half years, and during that time she accepted The Lord, but she clearly doesn't have a deep walk with Him. I was holding onto anger against my father-in-law for meddling in our marriage. As a Christian man I do not believe in divorce. My wife has retained an attorney, I tried not getting one, but she would not back down, and claims she is over me. Divorce appears to be coming soon. I have prayed, and sought counsel, yet she continues to harden her heart towards me. Thank you for praying for us.

Midlife comes with questions & needs prayers.

I am asking for prayer for me, and my husband, who I know is going thru midlife crisis. He moved out a few months ago, to his own apartment, and he is having an affair with a lady who he works with every day. Since he hardly has anything to do with me anymore, how do I create a pathway home? How do I even have a chance with my husband when the other woman is always with him? I feel so helpless until I just want to count my losses and give up. My husband seems to hate me. If I was to fall over in some type of distress, he would just step over me and let me die. I just need prayer. I am 50 years old, how do I start all over again? Lord, Lord, please help me and my husband!

Pray for this man, God knows him by name.

I'm in my 60's and I am extremely well educated.

I've been in an unsatisfying job for 20 year, not using my education, just barely making a living.

I strongly desire and need a job where I can use my knowledge, and talents.

My parents have been helping me financially, which has turned into a sore spot between us.

I am seeking a church where I will feel comfortable as a single man, and possibly find a Godly woman.

I ask for prayers for a job, a strong church, where I can grow in Christ and possibly meet a Godly woman.

Thank you.

Pray for this wife, realizing the pain she's caused.

Please pray for my husband of 21yrs that he can find in his heart forgive me. Im the cause of his mlc. I recognized the pain I caused and today Im paying for my mistakes. I lost a great friend and father to this crises. Please soften his heart that he may forgive me for all these years that I have insulted and took him for granted. I hope that he can forgive me wethere we are together or not. In Jesus name. Amen.

"Alone - Together"

My husband of 18+ years dropped the bomb on me at the end of winter. He remains in the house with our 3 wonderful children as we didn't want to disrupt their lives before the end of the school year. He simply said that he felt "empty" for me, he felt like a stranger in his own home and thought it best to go our separate ways. All the while terribly emotional and crying. Needless to say I was blown away and in shock - I first thought it was depression and told him I would help him through it, offered help, kept telling him I loved him - followed with silence. Then I noticed he didn't seem quite so depressed when he was out in public or around others. I then started researching and found that he fits the "midlife crisis" description. I suspect an affair, though have no proof - at first I wanted to keep the marriage together but it has been so trying - living under the same roof with a man that is now a stranger to me. I have given him space - we barely say anything to each other - he walks out of the room if I walk in. I still want to salvage our marriage and pray constantly for that - please help me pray for the best outcome for us and our children.

Needs prayer for restoration, a job, and more.

In the space of about two weeks in December (during the holidays) my soul mate suddenly dropped a bomb on me, started an affair, (with an older woman of all things,) kicked me out of our home and essentially abandoned me. I am utterly shocked. I am renting a small room from a co-worker with nothing but some clothes, my car and my laptop. I am left to fend for myself financially. I am 33 he just turned 46.

My request is for prayer; that I may be able to find better paying employment to support myself, that I may find a place I can call my own, that I may be able to retrieve the rest of my belongings from the home we shared, that I may be able to address my recently deteriorating health, and that God will help me find peace and healing. I do still desperately love him.

Please pray that God works on him, convicting his heart. I know he is hurting and running from something inside him. Pray that he realizes the only answers to his pain and questions have to come from God. I do ask for the restoration first, of him and myself, then for our relationship. Thank you for your time and prayers.

I ask for the prayers of everyone...

I ask for the prayers of everyone for the restoration on my marriage of 27 years, my husband is in a midlife crisis and is having an affair. I pray that God will soften his hardened heart and rid him of the anger and self pity that he has. Through God all things are possible. Amen

Possible Midlife Crisis - Let's join them in prayer.

Prayer request for wisdom for me and my spouse of almost 14 years. He moved out about 4 months ago and wants a divorce. If what he is going through is a midlife crisis, how can we survive this? With God all things are possible.

Praying In Agreement

Dear Heavenly Father,
I pray for my marriage to be restored. Please cancel the divorce mediation and the divorce completely and help us to communicate better.

Break the 'divorce is better' mentality and bring our marriage together in love and compassion.

Break whatever is keeping our marriage from restoring and remove the 'spirit of adultery' and 'the grass is greener on the other side'.

Break the 'I can do and see whoever I want and I don't have to answer to anyone mentality'.

Bring him to his knees and show him that his wife is a loving special gift, and that who God has joined together, let no man/or woman put us under.  Thank you, God, for my husband and our son, and bringing my husband to me 24 years ago.

Please God intervene and do a miracle and be there for me.

In Jesus name. Amen.