Midlife Dimensions


Please join us in praying for the following requests. Thank You.

23 Year Marriage, needs our prayers.

My husband and I were married for 23 years when his midlife crisis hit, and I realized he was having an emotional affair. It is now a physical affair as I believe they are living together. She is also married and this will be her second divorce. Please pray that God stands in the way of this affair and any person advising against our reconciliation. My husband also works at the same place as she. We have not spoken except in anger. I pray that God shows me how to love him again and softens his heart to love me again. Thanks.

Husband and wife have made changes in their lives, but really need our prayer.

My husband filed for divorce and moved out in May. It has not progressed past that as of yet. He will not go to counseling or even seek out any individual help. He is angry all the time, told his mom all the bad things I said and did, and seems to want to do "me" things even before seeing the kids. I think that he sees I have changed, but he says he can't risk things going back to the way they were. We did have fighting/communication problems in our marriage, but he also lost a lot of weight his year The weight had kept him out of our bedroom, but when he lost the weight, he didn't even try to move back in our room. I think there are some midlife issues, but I don't know how to get him to get some help? Please pray for us.

Husband asking for you to pray with him - that God will intervene, and restore and revitalize his marriage.

At the beginning of July of this year, my wife woke me up early in the morning, and told me that she met another man. She told me that she is attracted to him, and she is seriously considering pursuing a relationship with him. My heart sank in my chest and my blood ran cold. Since then, she has been extremely aggressive in moving towards a divorce. She has drawn up the papers, and in fact has asked me to leave the house. She feels that it would be awkward to have me here in the house while she is 'dating'. We have two boys, and have been married for 15 years. I JUST hit my 50th birthday in July - but my celebration was as hollow as a log. She is not a bad person, just jaded from all of the years spent with me. I have done much to contribute to this behavior, so I own my junk. I just thought we could make it through it and see better days. She and I both believe in God, but she won't let that deter her from divorcing me. I'm praying for a miracle. She can't file the papers until September, so I have a month left until that goes down, and then 6 months for it to become official. Please pray with me that God will intervene, and restore and revitalize our marriage. Thanks and Blessings to you.

We've been hit with a perfect storm.

Please pray for my husband. We have been hit with a perfect storm. He has left our home. I know he is struggling as he is remembering much trauma from his childhood. Our marriage became about work, business and children and we lost each other. We are seeking counseling but this has been devastating to our family. I am working on myself, as I see where I have contributed. Please pray for our marriage to heal and for our family to heal. Thank you.

Infidelity and diovorce - needs prayer.

My husband of 30 years has been in affair for almost 3 years now with his old girlfriend from college. She isn’t pretty, but is a lawyer and has family wealth. My husband keeps saying he wants to end the affair and reconcile with me; but he never ends it and I have stopped believing him. After waiting 2 and a half years for him, I filed for divorce a month ago. He is angry at me and blames me for everything. My kids agree he is not mentally well. There always were problems in the marriage that I tried hard to help us fix, but he never did his part. I am sick about divorce but he has left me no good choices! Please pray for Gods perfect will and a healed heart for me and my adult kids.

Family and marriage needs prayer.

My husband left our family 2 months ago, moving in with the other woman nearby. This all happened within 2.5 months after meeting her and starting an affair. He was always financially responsible - even frugal. He since has started spending money like crazy.

Our daughter has been ill with anorexia since the summer and needs therapy and dietician. She was hospitalized in the fall with cardiac issues. Our oldest son has Autism, cognitively impaired. Our young adult son has Aspbergers and is struggling with a job and one college course.

The other woman has been married 3 times. I feel as though I should file for divorce to keep our assets safe. Financially I won't be able to pay for medical treatments for our daughter.

When my husband told me he didn't love me anymore and wanted to be single I asked him to move out. I told him he was setting a bad example for our children. He said he would provide for the children and I and things would remain the same. I feel like I can't trust him as he has become financially irresponsible. Please pray for my family. I want to reconcile but he said no.

Praying for guidance from the Lord.

I am asking for prayer for me and my husband who I know is going thru midlife crisis. He moved into his own apartment and is having an affair with a lady who he works with. Since he hardly has anything to do with me anymore, how do I create a pathway home? How do I even have a chance with my husband when the other worman is always with him? I feel so helpless - and I just want to count my losses and give up. My husband seems to hate me. If I was to fall over in some type of distress, he would just step over me and let me die. I just need prayer. I am 50 years old, how do I start all over again? Lord, Lord, please help me and my husband!

We're both in counseling, but really need your prayers to get through this.

I am asking for prayers for my husband and me, just like all the others that come to this site; now I know I'm not alone. My husband has lost his job due to him having a sexual relationship with a co-worker and he has seen many prostitutes. He has asked for forgiveness from God and me and I am seeing changes but the pain is so great that I explode sometimes and it consumes my entire day. I fear that he will not change. He has viewed porn over the years but says he does not have an addiction. He is going to a Christian Counselor, as am I. Please pray for me and my husband. How can I get my life back and not constantly think about this?

Midlife - 20 years of marriage, 2 children.

Please pray for our 20 year marriage and our two beautiful children. My husband opened a new office for his business and hired a female, then he left the children and me in October. He was going through money like water. I had to file for divorce to protect us. Please bring him back home to us, Lord. He has completely changed into a selfish, self-centered, mean neglectful husband and father. Please pray that he comes out of the crisis and returns home where he belongs.  In Jesus Christ.

Midlife causing destruction in it's path.

My husband is having classic signs of midlife crisis. He left me saying, "I don't know if I want to be married anymore." He said it was his fault not mine. I found out last week of his inappropriate behaviors lying, soliciting sex ONLINE, cheating. He got fired. I don't know where he is living now. Please pray for him to realize the damage he has done and repent and come home.

Truly - pray for a miracle here.

My husband is going through a midlife crisis after being married for almost 26 years. He packed up while I was at work and moved out, immediately filing for a divorce. I don’t want a divorce and have been doing my best to delay it. He has put me through a horrible legal battle, not wanting me to get anything from the divorce. I am praying for a miracle. I love him, I want him back, and I want our family to be back together. I need prayer please. On top of all this my epileptic daughter-in-law is pregnant with our second grandchild, and both my aunt and grandmother are very ill with life threatening diseases. My daughter in law is on a high dose of medication as she recently had 6 seizures within 2 weeks. Due to the separation I am homeless, had to rent our house out to make the payments he refuses to pay. I am unemployed; I transition between friends and family to stay with. Prayers please that he will come out of his MLC and come back home.

I'm sorry. I've repented. Please pray for my husband to forgive me.

I cheated on my husband and he found out about the whole issue. Initially I denied it, but he was very sure of it, and he left me and didn’t want to have anything to do with me again. My husband is a wonderful man that loves me so much. The whole thing has caused him much pain that he refused to forgive me. I am really sorry for what I did and have repented. Please I want my marriage back, help me to pray that God will heal his heart and bring us together again. I love him, pray with me that my husband will forgive me and come back; I offended him, and pray to God for my marriage.

In so much pain, it's hard to pray.

I recently found out that my husband is having an affair, I am completely crushed! I knew something was wrong recently, at first thought it was depression. After much reading, I believe that he is in midlife crisis. What I did not realize is my part in all of this. I always thought that we had a great marriage, I think he did too. I did not take his cries for help seriously enough and now I am really paying the price. I know that it is only through God that I am still standing, barely, but I am trying to find understanding and help in saving my marriage.  I am asking for prayers to restore my husband and my marriage, I am having such a hard time even praying because the pain is so great, it is like nothing I have ever experienced! I need to continue to be a constant for my son and hold in tears when I am with him. He is not aware of this crisis and I am trying to protect him from it. Thank you for this website, what a great resource and comfort to know that I have much company! 

Pray for friends around the world.

Hello, please pray for: Poland, freedom from religion to God through Jesus Christ. For stirring up the service to God for me, my wife, our daughter, our sons - "but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" Joshua 24.15. For God's will and wisdom for me and my family; especially for learning in school for my son, studying for my other son, and work for my son, wife and daughter. Also for a Godly husband for my daughter. And for God's order in my work. Blessings and the knowledge of Jesus Christ for my bosses – as I have great stress and continuous attacks from bosses. Thank you. 

Pray for evereyone involved here.

Hello. I'm requesting prayer for me and my wife, she is going through what looks to be a midlife crisis. She wants a divorce but then said that she wants to stay in the house so we can take care of our 14 year old boy. She asked me to sleep in a different room. She is 51 years old and has a 22 year old male friend which she is always texting and talking to. She told me he is very nice with her and she likes him and he likes her. Please pray for her, and for him, for our son, and for me. I love my wife and I do not want to lose her.

I'm in the fight of my life! Please pray.

My Husband and I are both born again Christians, and married 21 years. He is in a midlife crises, and I found out a month ago that he is having an affair. He’s told me that he wants to be my friend, and wants a divorce. He tells me I need to get on with my life and just get over it. We have two boys he is planning to move thousands of miles away claiming it is for work. I am in the fight of my life and want to save my marriage. He is running from God and questions everything. Please pray for restoration in my marriage and family.

Heartbreaking - please pray for this family.

My husband walked out on me and our 5 young children, I'm also pregnant with his 6th. He has said all the typical midlife crisis statements. I am heartbroken, so are the children. I am trying to be strong.
Please pray my husband will find his true happiness in Christ. That he will have a desire to save his marriage and family, to come home.
Thank you.

Praying for a 24-year marriage.

My husband and I are born again Christians and have been married for 24 years (together for 27). Over the past decade he experienced a lot of trauma. He came from a large family and over about an 8 year time span he had 7 close relatives pass away. We have always been close and I felt we really leaned on each other through these tragedies. About a year ago he became obsessed with working on his parents' house. At first he would work until midnight or after but always come home; eventually he just started spending the night there as well as drinking heavily. Also, over this past year, some health issues that he was dealing with came to light. Everyone who knows him is shocked by his complete change in personality. I have done a lot of reading and research and believe he exhibits a lot of midlife symptoms as well as grief. He still says that he loves me but spends most of his time shredding my character and criticizing me. I am so frustrated! I have prayed so much but maybe we need more voices - I sometimes feel I am fighting Satan himself. Getting help is a slow and frustrating process, even when he's willing, which is not most of the time. We have 3 children (2 adult and 1 still in high school) and he acts as if we are more of acquaintances. He has always been a great father and husband in the past. He says he is "trying" to come home but never makes it. Usually I see him for about a half hour each day - and that I have to ask for. This is crazy. We have always loved spending time together. I have tried not to push him but I know that our being separated is not God's will. Please pray for our marriage restoration.

Long Distance Marriage needs our prayers.

We have been married for 5 years, and have been through many beautiful and many bad things. He had 2 affairs, and not taken full responsibility for his actions. At times I might have been distant and not taken good care of him, but life was brighter when we were together.
We were supposed to move overseas for a work opportunity for him, and we agreed that he'd go first and I join him later. One month after leaving, he tells me he is confused, his feelings are 50-50, he needs to focus on advancing in his career, and he shut off his mind to the relationship, saying its too much work & his work/career will come first.

He still communicates, if I initiate, but basically has avoided contact besides that. He seems cold and distant, basically like he is over us, and he doesn't have any feelings.

I put my faith in God that his mind will clear and these 5 years of relationship will not just disappear in a whim.
I ask you to please pray for us, for life to gives us a chance. Thank you.