Midlife Dimensions


"Anita180" sends a prayer, please join her in prayer.

We praise You God. You are Almighty and beyond wonderful! God, thank You for our lives! Please soften my husband's heart and root out his anger and pride from his mind and body. Protect him from the Evil one. Allow him to only hear your voice, God! I miss him.Our sons miss him. Please bring him back home soon!   Let him have a supernatural love for me and understand that I am his first one true wife, and he is my first one true husband. Allow my sons to have two parents married, in love, together. Please bless every aspect of our lives! We have 100% faith in You. Increase our faith. Please, Father God, give us Your Perfect Joy and Perfect Peace! Thank You God for blessing and answering this prayer. In the Name of Jesus, By the Word of Jesus, and By the Blood of Jesus, I pray. Amen!