Midlife Dimensions


Family and marriage needs prayer.

My husband left our family 2 months ago, moving in with the other woman nearby. This all happened within 2.5 months after meeting her and starting an affair. He was always financially responsible - even frugal. He since has started spending money like crazy.

Our daughter has been ill with anorexia since the summer and needs therapy and dietician. She was hospitalized in the fall with cardiac issues. Our oldest son has Autism, cognitively impaired. Our young adult son has Aspbergers and is struggling with a job and one college course.

The other woman has been married 3 times. I feel as though I should file for divorce to keep our assets safe. Financially I won't be able to pay for medical treatments for our daughter.

When my husband told me he didn't love me anymore and wanted to be single I asked him to move out. I told him he was setting a bad example for our children. He said he would provide for the children and I and things would remain the same. I feel like I can't trust him as he has become financially irresponsible. Please pray for my family. I want to reconcile but he said no.