Midlife Dimensions


Truly - pray for a miracle here.

My husband is going through a midlife crisis after being married for almost 26 years. He packed up while I was at work and moved out, immediately filing for a divorce. I don’t want a divorce and have been doing my best to delay it. He has put me through a horrible legal battle, not wanting me to get anything from the divorce. I am praying for a miracle. I love him, I want him back, and I want our family to be back together. I need prayer please. On top of all this my epileptic daughter-in-law is pregnant with our second grandchild, and both my aunt and grandmother are very ill with life threatening diseases. My daughter in law is on a high dose of medication as she recently had 6 seizures within 2 weeks. Due to the separation I am homeless, had to rent our house out to make the payments he refuses to pay. I am unemployed; I transition between friends and family to stay with. Prayers please that he will come out of his MLC and come back home.