Midlife Dimensions


In so much pain, it's hard to pray.

I recently found out that my husband is having an affair, I am completely crushed! I knew something was wrong recently, at first thought it was depression. After much reading, I believe that he is in midlife crisis. What I did not realize is my part in all of this. I always thought that we had a great marriage, I think he did too. I did not take his cries for help seriously enough and now I am really paying the price. I know that it is only through God that I am still standing, barely, but I am trying to find understanding and help in saving my marriage.  I am asking for prayers to restore my husband and my marriage, I am having such a hard time even praying because the pain is so great, it is like nothing I have ever experienced! I need to continue to be a constant for my son and hold in tears when I am with him. He is not aware of this crisis and I am trying to protect him from it. Thank you for this website, what a great resource and comfort to know that I have much company!