Midlife Dimensions


Long Distance Marriage needs our prayers.

We have been married for 5 years, and have been through many beautiful and many bad things. He had 2 affairs, and not taken full responsibility for his actions. At times I might have been distant and not taken good care of him, but life was brighter when we were together.
We were supposed to move overseas for a work opportunity for him, and we agreed that he'd go first and I join him later. One month after leaving, he tells me he is confused, his feelings are 50-50, he needs to focus on advancing in his career, and he shut off his mind to the relationship, saying its too much work & his work/career will come first.

He still communicates, if I initiate, but basically has avoided contact besides that. He seems cold and distant, basically like he is over us, and he doesn't have any feelings.

I put my faith in God that his mind will clear and these 5 years of relationship will not just disappear in a whim.
I ask you to please pray for us, for life to gives us a chance. Thank you.