Midlife Dimensions


My husband changed in a snap.

I need prayer for my marriage. First, I would like my husband to have a closer walk with God; now he has none, he won't even say grace. Also, I need prayers to heal my marriage, make my husband an active, loving partner. We live in the same house, but he refuses to sleep in the same room with me, and doesn't even talk to me; it's like I'm a piece of furniture. This has been going on for 3 years(in the summer of 2011, after his dad died, my mother died, and my niece committed suicide). I know he's going through something because he changed in a snap! I've tried to be patient and understanding, continue to pray for him, but I'm starting to get discouraged! He won't open up to me, and has said that he wants to move out and could care less if we got a divorce. Please, please pray for him to get back to God, and for our marriage to be restored!!