Midlife Dimensions


Midlife is hard on families. They need our prayers.

My husband abandoned us (me and 2 teen daughters) 8 months ago for a girl in her 20's from his office. He is in his early 40's and in severe midlife crisis. He hasn't spoken to my daughters since he left. He has no regard for our feelings. He tells me that he has no heart and feels empty. He moved in with this girl and has done the meanest things to us. Shut our phones off and took everything. This girl controls him and this feels so cruel. We are now going through lawyers for support. He supported us and I was a stay home mom for 18 years. My daughters and I struggle mentally and financially. We are being evicted from our home. Please pray that I'll find a job. I pray for strength, not for myself, but to be who I should be for my daughters. It's in God's hands now and I pray for guidance. Please pray for my two teenage daughters and my husband.