Midlife Dimensions


"Alone - Together"

My husband of 18+ years dropped the bomb on me at the end of winter. He remains in the house with our 3 wonderful children as we didn't want to disrupt their lives before the end of the school year. He simply said that he felt "empty" for me, he felt like a stranger in his own home and thought it best to go our separate ways. All the while terribly emotional and crying. Needless to say I was blown away and in shock - I first thought it was depression and told him I would help him through it, offered help, kept telling him I loved him - followed with silence. Then I noticed he didn't seem quite so depressed when he was out in public or around others. I then started researching and found that he fits the "midlife crisis" description. I suspect an affair, though have no proof - at first I wanted to keep the marriage together but it has been so trying - living under the same roof with a man that is now a stranger to me. I have given him space - we barely say anything to each other - he walks out of the room if I walk in. I still want to salvage our marriage and pray constantly for that - please help me pray for the best outcome for us and our children.