Midlife Dimensions


Praying - Romans 8:28

My husband began a midlife transition 12 years ago which escalated into a full blown crisis that has destroyed our marriage and shattered our family. He was in Christian leadership for decades, but took a secular job in the entertainment industry 5 years ago and the crisis led to adultery which was finally revealed a year ago. A very acrimonious divorce is in process - he is not repentant, no guilt, has no remorse and will not admit to his infidelity. We are set for a jury trial because he refuses to offer a fair settlement. He has rewritten our lives - says he wanted a divorce for 24 of our 38 year marriage. He is with a woman 22 years his junior who left her husband to be with him. She has two children, the ages of our grandchildren. Please pray that I will have peace. Please pray that my husband will one day repent and be restored to a right relationship with God. Please pray he will agree to a fair settlement and will do so before we have to go to trial. Romans 8:28