Midlife Dimensions


Needs prayer for restoration, a job, and more.

In the space of about two weeks in December (during the holidays) my soul mate suddenly dropped a bomb on me, started an affair, (with an older woman of all things,) kicked me out of our home and essentially abandoned me. I am utterly shocked. I am renting a small room from a co-worker with nothing but some clothes, my car and my laptop. I am left to fend for myself financially. I am 33 he just turned 46.

My request is for prayer; that I may be able to find better paying employment to support myself, that I may find a place I can call my own, that I may be able to retrieve the rest of my belongings from the home we shared, that I may be able to address my recently deteriorating health, and that God will help me find peace and healing. I do still desperately love him.

Please pray that God works on him, convicting his heart. I know he is hurting and running from something inside him. Pray that he realizes the only answers to his pain and questions have to come from God. I do ask for the restoration first, of him and myself, then for our relationship. Thank you for your time and prayers.