Midlife Dimensions


Please pray that my husband is "reminded" in his heart of what is right.

I am very sad and fearful of the future for myself, my husband of 18 years and my children - ages 3, 7, & 15. I believe that my husband is going through a Midlife Crisis for about 3-4 years. I did things wrong too, such as lying, and he doesn't trust me and will not forgive me which seems to be making his thoughts of starting over easier, and how I "don't meet his needs". I want so much for his heart to soften and God's wisdom to be upon him. I pray that he will not give up on "us" and I have been doing so much to change things and deal with my own health and emotional issues.

I pray that God will give me strength, guidance, wisdom and love to be the person I need to be for my husband, children, and myself, as well as in all areas I lack please fill me with what I need. I pray that my husband is "reminded" in his heart of what is right and to give our marriage another chance and not abandon it, please unharden his heart towards me.

In Jesus' name I pray and thank you!


- Beanbag.