Midlife Dimensions


I acted out of haste...... I am asking forgiveness and for my husband's heart to heal.

I acted out of haste. I posted a picture of my husband and the other woman on Facebook. I am so angry at how he can parade around Germany with her and act like he was a loving husband and father when he came home to the United States to visit us. He is living the best of two worlds. I found the other woman's number and called her. As I suspected she did not know he was married.

We had a long conversation about him. She was hurt and devasted as well. She called today, but it was my husband that was on the other end. I asked him why he deceived her, he stated he did not and that he loved her right in front of her. A pain shot through my heart. She is 24 years old and he is 51 years old. He has children her age. He is upset with me about my Facebook post and telling her about us. I am the one that should be upset, but there I go again catering to his feelings. I really love him and miss him. His children do to. I know I acted out of anger. I placed this matter into the Lord's Hands, but I took it back from Him. I am asking forgiveness and for my husband's heart to heal. Please bring him back from his midlife crisis.