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A woman of prayer, who loves the Scriptures, and frequently fasts.  Mother of three children and three grandchildren. Speaker, teacher, nurse (RN), missionary with YWAM since 1991, and author. Travels extensively -- has ministered overseas in 39 countries. Homes in Kona , HI and Petoskey , MI .


LPN ~ Western Michigan University — Kalamazoo, Michigan, School of Practical Nursing — 1962


RN ~ North Central Michigan College — Kalamazoo, Michigan — 1981 — graduated summa cum laude




1981 — 1990

Adult Critical Care — Northern Michigan Hospitals, Petoskey, Michigan.


1987 — 1997

CPR instructor — teaching MDs, RNs, and laypeople CPR techniques — Guyana, South America, Albania, Ukraine, and Philippines.   Jan also taught EKG interpretation and critical care skills to RN’s in Guyana and Albania.


1992 — 2000

Jan served as a full time international missionary working with The University of the Nations, “Youth with a Mission”, Kona, Hawaii.


During these years Jan trained over 400 midlife people for missions.   She led numerous short-term outreaches to more than 40 developing countries — such as Albania, Ukraine, Philippines, and Guyana, South America.


Jan gave oversight to numerous schools at YWAM, Kona, in the area of staff development.   She also taught in the healthcare school.


Jan and her husband Doug, (Dean of the Healthcare School), co-authored the course, “Introduction to Children’s Social Services” — a course on how to minister to the disenfranchised children of the world.   She also co-authored an HIV / AIDS course.


These training manuals are still being used by missionaries around the world.


October 14, 2000

Jan’s first husband, Dr. Dough Kinne, died of a brain tumor.   Doug’s specialty was OB / GYN, and he delivered more than 6,000 babies.


In 1991, God called Doug and Jan to leave medical practice and enter into missions full time.


Doug and Jan joined YWAM — “Youth with a Mission” and focused primarily on training midlife adults for missions.


In 1997 Doug was asked to become the Dean of the college of Counseling and Health Care at The University of the Nations.   He served in that position until his death in 2000.


2000 — 2005

Jan was led by God to seek education and training in the area of writing.   Her first book, “The Finisher”, was written during the years following Doug’s death.   The focus of the book is to help “midlife” people move from “success” to “significance”.


Jan has written many other articles, but her area of primary interest is writing daily devotions.   Her passion is to help people connect deeply with God.   She spends an hour a day with the Scriptures letting God speak to her.


2005 — Present

Jan continues to sit on the President’s Council of the University of the Nations, Kona, Hawaii.   She also continues working in course development and teaching at the Kona ase, plus teaching and other YWAM bases around the world.









Husband — Jim Conway

Jim is a conference speaker, author, Co-Founder and President of Christian Living Resources, former director of the Doctor of Ministry program and associate professor of Practical Theology, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University; former pastor for over 30 years, BS., M.Div., M.A. D. Min., and Ph.D.


Jim has authored such books as, Men in Midlife Crisis, Friendship, Adult Children of Legal or Emotional Divorce, Making Real Friends in a Phony World, Sexual Harassment No More, and Moving On After He Moves Out.


Jim co-authored Women in Midlife Crisis, Maximize Your Midlife, Your Marriage Can Survive Midlife Crisis, What God Gives When Life Takes, Trusting God in a Family Crisis, Traits of a Lasting Marriage, When a Mate Wants Out, Pure Pleasure — 15 books in all — over 1 million in print.





Jan’s Children

Jan has 3 children, Rex, Matthew, and Tamara, and Tamara’s husband, Doug.   Jan also has 3 grandchildren, plus her 90 year old father, Harry.   All of the family currently live in Michigan.


Rex Kinne

Rex has managed hotels, as well as, golf courses all over the country, and he currently is employed as an area sales person for Gordon’s Food Chain.


Rex’s favorite area of the country is San Diego, where he lived for many years.   Rex is an avid Michigan State Fan.


Matthew Kinne

Matt is a writer of books, (3 so far).   He also writes move scripts, screen plays, and produces videos for churches.   Matt has made several movies, and has his own radio show about movies.


Matt lives with a serious heart condition, yet he has not stopped.  


YES, that's Ernest Borgnine!  

He appeared in one of Matt's movies.



Tamara and Doug Piper

Tamara is a mother of 3 children — the 2 youngest are twin boys.   She is also taking college courses pursuing her degree in nursing.


Doug is the manager / owner of a pizza store in Harbor Springs, MI — without questions, the best pizza in the area!


Grandkids — Brianna, and twins, Tyler and Jacob


Jan’s Father, Harry Becker

Harry’s life was strongly influenced by World War II.   He was an Army Medic, and was permanently affected by arsenic poisoning.   Fortunately, Jan was born before the poisoning.


Harry spent many of his years in the food industry.   He also ran his own auto leasing company — Becker Leasing.


Harry is strongly committed to missions, and his personal walk with God.


Harry’s wife, Lorraine, died in 2005.   Harry lives part-time in Central Michigan, and he winters in Marco Island, Florida.