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Midlife Dimensions

Midlife Dimensions was formed in 1981 as a counseling and conference ministry, focusing on midlife adults and their families through seminars, radio, TV, books, articles, tapes, and counseling.

"Midlife Crisis" is not a new phenomenon.  For years, men and women have struggled with the changes and challenges of midlife.  Many psychologists and counselors have stepped in to help prevent midlife crisis, but few have had the impact as our co-founders, the husband wifte team of Jim and Sally Conway.

Since the publication of Jim Conway's first book, "Men In Midlife Crisis", the Conways have been at the forefront of a growing outreach to midlife families.  Through books, seminars, counseling, tapes, radio, and TV, Jim and Sally have helped thousands of men and women.

The powerful Midlife Dimensions website, www.midlife.com, has over 1000 screens of help available. The site is receiving hits from over 100 countries in the world.

Midlife Dimensions celebrated it's 30th anniversary in 2011 and the MLD torch was passed to Bill and Pam Farrel to carry it on to the next generation.