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Midlife Dimensions

Midlife Dimensions was formed in 1981 as a counseling and conference ministry, focusing on midlife adults and their families through seminars, radio, TV, books, articles, tapes, and counseling.

"Midlife Crisis" is not a new phenomenon.  For years, men and women have struggled with the changes and challenges of midlife.  Many psychologists and counselors have stepped in to help prevent midlife crisis, but few have had the impact as our co-founders, the husband wifte team of Jim and Sally Conway.

Since the publication of Jim Conway's first book, "Men In Midlife Crisis", the Conways have been at the forefront of a growing outreach to midlife families.  Through books, seminars, counseling, tapes, radio, and TV, Jim and Sally have helped thousands of men and women.

The powerful Midlife Dimensions website, www.midlife.com, has over 1000 screens of help available. The site is receiving hits from over 100 countries in the world.

Midlife Dimensions celebrated it's 30th anniversary in 2011 and the MLD torch was passed to Bill and Pam Farrel to carry it on to the next generation.


Dr. Jim Conway

Jim was Founder and President of Midlife Dimensions (from 1981 to 2011), a counseling and conference ministry, focusing on midlife adults and their families through seminars, radio, TV, books, articles, tapes, counseling, and a creative website. On the 30th Anniversary of Midlife Dimensions, Jim turned the ministry over to Bill and Pam Farrel. Jim, and his wife Jan, started "LateLife Hope", a ministry to "Boomers" who are now entering their later year.

  Since the publication of Jim Conway’s first book, MEN IN MIDLIFE CRISIS, Jim has been at the forefront of a growing ministry to thousands of men, women, and families.  

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Bill and Pam Farrel, Authors



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"We have been fascinated with the question, 'How?' ever since we met.

When we got married we knew three things: (1) We love Jesus. (2) We love each other. (3) We have a lot to learn if we want to have a successful marriage. That created a passion in our hearts to figure out how relationships work. We have sought answers to these questions through reading books, our own personal growth as a couple and through professional research. We honestly believe anyone can have great relationships so we have devoted our lives to sharing the practical insight we have learned with as many people as possible. We are excited that you are joining us in discovering how to make all your relationships work better."

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A woman of prayer, who loves the Scriptures, and frequently fasts.  Mother of three children and three grandchildren. Speaker, teacher, nurse (RN), missionary with YWAM since 1991, and author. Travels extensively -- has ministered overseas in 39 countries. Homes in Kona , HI and Petoskey , MI .

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Lisa Kahan, Office Manager

Lisa's spiritual gifts of Administration, Serving, and Discernment allow her to flourish in her job. She is able to understand, organize and administer with such efficiency and spirituality that not only is a project brought to a satisfactory conclusion, but it is done harmoniously, efficiently and with evident blessing.

Lisa prefers to assist faithfully behind the scenes in practical ways, working alongside, to free up, to support and meet the needs of others for the work of the Lord. Lisa enjoys encouraging and strengthening others spiritually and is Truth Seeking, Intuitive and Insightful.

Sally Conway, Author

Sally changed the world with her life and gifts. Sally was an author, conference speaker; co-founder, and vice-president of Midlife Dimensions, 1981 until her death in May 1997.

Sally authored, co-authored, or was a contributor to several books such as, Your Husband’s Midlife Crisis, Menopause, and   When a Mate Wants Out.   She co-authored the column “Life at the Crossroads”, Today’s Christian Woman, and co-author or articles in many other magazines.


Sally was given many honors such as, Who’s Who in the West-Contemporary Authors — 1994, Who’s Who in the West — 1995, Who’s Who in the World — 1996, The Worlds Who’s Who of Women — 1997, among others.

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