What Are Some Early Signs Of A Midlife Crisis?

If one or two of these situations are happening in your life, you are beginning to experience a stress overload. If several are happening, you are on the edge of a crisis. Woman daydreaming black and white

  • Decision-making becomes difficult (both major and minor types).
  • Excessive daydreaming or fantasizing about "getting away from it all."
  • Increased use of cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs.
  • Thoughts trail off while speaking or writing.
  • Excessive worrying about everything and anything.
  • Sudden outbursts of temper and hostility.
  • Paranoid ideas and mistrust of friends and family.
  • Forgetfulness about appointments, deadlines, dates.
  • Frequent sMan depressed holding glassespells of brooding and feeling of inadequacy.

Crisis means that there has been a breakdown of your normal life system. Indicators are such things as depression, involvement with alcohol, an affair, or inability to concentrate. Abrupt life change indicates a stress overload and that your personality is trying to compensate. A midlife crisis is a positive way to force you to rethink your life and direction. Don't try to suppress your Midlife Crisis--this is a great time to grow and become a more effective person.

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