What Kind Of Personality Changes Take Place During Midlife Crisis?

Woman ExcercizeIt is extremely difficult to live with a person who is going through a midlife crisis. Some days he or she may act like an adolescent, with great outbursts of anger, deep depression, or withdrawal, while other times they are the picture of stability. They don't know who they are, where they are going, or what they are doing. Their values are totally confused.

At midlife people change their external lifestyles such as clothes, car, and exercise routines. Theman driving convertible on cell phoney also reassess work and career. Additionally they ask emotional and spiritual questions such as, "Who Am I?", "What should I do when I grow up?", "With whom should I related?", "How does God fit into my life?", and "Has my life had any meaning?"

The person is now like a sailboat caught in a deep fog offshore, without a compass and without wind to move in any direction. The person wants help with their insecurity, doubt, and weakness, yet strongly rejects any help from the mate. This wild personality vacillation can be frustrating to live with.

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