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What Can I Do For My Wife As She Goes Through Menopause?

A husband has the opportunity to "make or break" the menopausal woman in your life. It isn’t all up to you, of course, but you are an important key to her successfully making it through these rough years.

One of the most important things you can do for your wife, or your mother, as she goes through the symptoms of menopause, is to assure her that she is normal. Don’t tell her that she is just being weak or wanting sympathy. Avoid making her feel guilty. One of the worst things you can do is to say--or imply--that she has a spiritual or psychological deficiency. Additionally read all you can about the menopausal transition--what helps and what hurts.

Patience may need to be your prime virtue during this time. Your wife probably seems so unreasonable that you just want to tell her off--or run off. Instead, take a deep breath, murmur a prayer for wisdom, and gently stand alongside her. She needs your non-condemning friendship.

Mercy and tolerance are important attributes for you in this situation. At times you will need to help her see that she’s wrong, but do so gently, remembering that you might need similar help someday. How would you want to be treated?

Remember the times when you needed unconditional love. She probably helped provide the care you needed. Some day she'll again be her rational, caring self, once she gets through menopause. She might be even better than before, if the important people around her help her during her menopausal passage. She very likely will be a very strong helpful woman who will provide great strength and stability for your family.

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