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Your Brain is Changing

The typical sexual addict does not use the reasoning part of the brain when they think about acting out. Addicts only use that the emotional part which is strongly connected to feelings, such as, loneliness, abandonment, and isolation. The emotional part of the brain is where the Little Child connects.

If the Little Child is running your life, they are not communicating with you through the rational part of your brain. The Little Child throws an emotional temper tantrum demanding his or her way. Reality for Little Child is not connected to your experiences in your dull life. The little Child wants childish needs met "right now".

As you work the program, the adult side of you will do a lot of growing. Your adult will also set boundaries for the Little Child. Every time you pray away lust you are connecting with your "adult you", and changing the way your brain functions in relationship to your sexual addiction.

The old addicted pattern was:

  • Childhood needs demand immediate satisfaction.
  • A nurturing person, image, or memory must be found.
  • The "target" must fulfill the childish needs for comfort, affirmation, and physical closeness. Sex with self or others has always been comforting.
  • Reason, risk, cost, and damage to other people, or to self, is automatically excluded from the thought process.
  • A frantic, compulsive, irrational search is launched.
  • Sexual acting out with self or others.
  • Now shame, guilt, and remorse overwhelmed the person. The addict' s self-image takes a beating.
  • The shame and guilt drive the person into a cave of isolation and self contempt.
  • Then the cycle starts all over again because of the child needs.

Every time you turn away from lust and sexual acting out you are changing the way your brain functions related to your sexual addiction. Eventually, your brain will function on a new pattern by automatically turning away from lustful triggers, and asking God to fill your life.

Your new healthy patterns are gradually replacing your old addictive patterns. Keep up the good work.

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