Admitting PowerLessness In All the Areas of Life

By now you are starting to develop a habit of admitting your powerlessness, over your sexual addiction, to God. Every time you are tempted by a lust trigger, immediately turn it over to God. Repeat the simple prayer, "God, help me to finding you what I think I will find in that lust trigger."

Another piece of good news is that this same surrender process works with every area of your life. What you struggling with? What are you afraid of? What produces stressed? What other problems which seem to have no solution? The use struggle with some of these areas?

  • Enough money to go around.
  • A true connection with your mate, or wondering if you ever will marry.
  • Struggles with your children.
  • Dissatisfaction with your job.
  • Anger which seems eager to rear its ugly head.
  • Envy, why does everyone else seemed to get the breaks.

Use the same technique which your are finding to work with lust, on all the other areas of your life. God wants to provide the strength and stability you need in other areas, as well as victory over lust.

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