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Sharing in the 12-step Meetings

by Jim Conway, Ph.D.

Plan to share at every meeting about your recovery from lust. There are several opportunities to share in each meeting:

1. When everyone introduces themselves be sure that you share you were length of sobriety. Sometimes people feel as if they are bragging when they talk about how many days they've been sexually sober. Rather, think of it as an opportunity to encourage someone else who maybe wondering if this program really works.

2. A second sharing opportunity is when the group is reading from some of the approved literature. Tell the group how this section your reading is important for your life. Again you'll be giving hope to other members.

3. A third sharing opportunity comes when the group takes a break. Use this time to greet new members and talk to old friends. Focus your conversation on what's happening in your mutual recovery. Specifically try to encourage someone.

4. The last half of the meeting focuses on group sharing. Share was happening in your life of recovery, but also try to connect your experiences with the experiences of others who shared.

5. A final opportunity for sharing is when the meeting is over. Don't rush out the door, look for an opportunity to speak with one or two people. Again your focus is to connect with them and to mutually encourage each other. Perhaps you can suggest that you talk to each other by phone during the next few days.

There are two other major times when you'll have an opportunity to share:

  • The first step. Usually the sponsor will ask other members to comment on the first step. Publicly congratulate the person who gave away their first step and comment on how you connected with their experience.
  • Special guest speaker. Comment on how the speakers experience or words have been helpful to you.

Sharing will reinforce your own recovery process, and that the same time encourage others in their process.

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