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How Do I Apologize to the People I've Offended?

One of the responses the addict feels as they become aware of how badly they have mistreated people, is a deep desire to confess their sins. Some people new to the program will rush around confess seemed to anyone who will listen, as a way to cleanse their soul.

Often this process of quickly confessing sexual sins creates more problems than it solves. The first reaction of people who hearing this confession is one of shock. Since the addict has lived the secret life the person who is hearing the confession may be astounding at such a revelation. At this point, don't tell people who are aware of your problem.

Another factor is that the people who are being told this news may not know what to do with it. Are they supposed to forgive you, tell you it's about time, or what? Remember that in our Christian sub-culture, sexual addiction is not acceptable. If you were an alcoholic, a drug addict, an over-eater, or even a gambler, you could be forgiven. We believe that these people can be salvaged -- but not sexual addicts.

So don't share with anyone who doesn't know about your problem, and who doesn't understand about how to recover from sexual addiction.

There is something that you can do now. You have promised yourself thousands of times that you were going to stop lusting -- but it didn't happen. Maybe you promised your mate you were going to be different -- but you weren't. So now is the time to stay sexually sober, to connect deeply with God, connect deeply with other people who are also working on sexual addiction -- to work the program.

The strongest first step in making restitution for your past failure is to be sexually sober now -- to be working a good program -- to let your life, not your words, verify that you are changed person.

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