The Guilt Cycle

Think about the downward spiral into isolation which is a part of the guilt cycle. It's also important to see the activity of Satan, and God, in this process.

The cycle goals like this. First you are triggered by a sexual memory, a picture, a seductive look, a billboard, a song, or thousands of other triggers. You are convinced that you'll feel better if you respond to this sexual stimulus. So you give in -- you act out. During the acting out there is great elation -- you are on an adrenaline high.

Now it's over, and you start to slide into regret, guilt, depression. Earlier Satan was cheering on, convincing you that acting out was really going to be good for you -- you needed it. But he never says anything about the guilt and remorse.

Now he takes a different tack with you -- he becomes your accuser. He convinces you that you are very despicable and unworthy. He suggests that you need to be alone for a while to recover. You certainly don't want a talk to God, because God is so good and you're so bad. You are sucked into his trap of isolation.

Now you feel terrible, alone, disconnected, empty. "If only I could feel good for just a little while." "Wow, I know what would make me feel good again!" So you start looking for another fix -- your sexual drug. And the downward cycle is repeated again.

But there is another player in this drama, God. He has been standing there all of this time waiting for you to turn him for help. He wants to fill that emptiness and you. He wants to give you victory over your sexual addiction. He wants to help you so that you can lift your head up, look people in the eyes and not worry about which lie you told them last time.

But at the moment sexual trigger appears -- you have a choice. You can believe the lies of Satan, or you can accept the help from God. God offers you away out of the isolation and loneliness. He offers you healing and wholeness in every area of your life. Whenever the sexual trigger appears -- surrender yourself to God.

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