Turning Inward Away from Reality

People who struggle with lust live in a fantasy world. Lust is all about the unreal, make-believe, and mind games. It's been said that the sexual addict, "Lives between his or her ears".

The sexual addict is much like the alcoholic who thinks, "I'd feel a lot better if I had just one drink". But we all know that an alcoholic can't stop with just one drink. Finally, after the alcoholic has become "falling down drunk", and after the stupor has worn off, then guilt and shame set in. The same is true of the sexual addict.

The result is that the sexual addict, as well as alcoholic, turn ever inward. Addicts run from reality, run from the people who could help, and run from God. They hide themselves in their own dark cave of self-doubt, self-hatred, and secrets.

The program of recovery from sexual addiction uses many different tools to keep you from spiraling down into self-isolation. It's important to resist the isolation, and to deliberately work at connecting with people and God.

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