Wrong Becomes Right

Its common for a sex and lust addict to justify all of his or her actions. In the process of self-justification, what is “wrong” gradually changes to become absolutely “right”.

It’s common to hear people blame their family in which they were raised, or the sexually saturated society, or the one I like especially is the man who says, "I'm just overly sexed. I can't help myself."

The changing of "right” into “wrong", happens gradually over a period of time. Often the person doesn't even realize that their moral values are changing.

I remember one pastor who was having an affair with a women in his church. He justified it by saying that he was under a lot of stress, and that this woman understood him. She relieved his tension and enabled him to be a better minister, because he was not so stressed out.

A complicating factor was that the woman became pregnant. The minister’s justification was, "If God didn't want us to be together, He never would've allowed her to get pregnant." The rationalization would be laughable, if it were not so pathetic. His justifications and mental gymnastics had turned his evil acts into some kind of strange righteousness.

So which areas in your life have you allowed to change from right to wrong? Remember this process starts with small steps—a little white lie, a minor distortion of the truth, the justification that lust is okay, or projecting the blame for the way you think or the way you act, on to someone else—your parents, your mate, your children, your job, the dog, the cat, and even God himself.

To gain victory over lust you must not tolerate even the slightest deviation in speaking the truth about what is wrong in your life. In your daily quiet time today ask God to continually show you the truth about yourself.

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