Let the Steps Work You

Many people when they start a 12-step program, are not sure what it's all about. They know they have a problem and they want help. They learn that there are 12 steps in the program which require a certain amount of reading from suggested books, and writing.

So they say to themselves, "Well I can handle this, a little reading and then writing out these 12 steps. Let's see now, 12 steps, that's about 12 weeks, then I'm out of here. I'll get all those people off my back who put pressure on me to get into this program”.

Working the 12-step program is not something which you only do—it’s that you allow the 12 steps to work you, to change you. You're not completing an assignment as if you're in school, you’re allowing God, your counselor, your sponsor, the readings, your quiet time, and your connection with people in the program—to change you.

Your test is to surrender to the process -- to let the 12 steps change you. You don't work the 12 steps—the 12 steps work you.

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