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What is a Sexaholic?

A Sexaholic is an addict. To be addict, means that you have lost the power of choice. You've promised yourself, or other people, thousands of times that you're going to stop—but you just can't.

The Sexaholic is like the person in a canoe on a whitewater river, who has lost their paddle. The person is being swept by the force of the river, unable to get to shore. The canoe seems to be going faster and faster as it is pushed over one rapids after another.

Suddenly, there is the massive, frightening sound of rushing, tumbling water. The person in the canoe or realizes there is no escape. He is being pushed inexorably by the power of the water toward a gigantic waterfall—and certain death.

The Sexaholic is the same as the canoeist—out of control, unable to help himself, and heading for certain emotional, relational, and spiritual death. The only solution would be if someone would throw a rope to the person in the canoe. For the Sexaholic that rope is made up of many strands—the 12 step group, a sponsor, counselor, daily readings and quiet time, and a connection with God.

Yes, you are a Sexaholic. Yes, your life has been out of control. But yes, there is hope and healing for you as you work the program.

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