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The Type of Person Who Would Be Attracted to You

Suppose you walk into a room full of people. With just a few glances, you identify the sexually attractive people. Now the sexual addict in you starts to reduce the number of attractive people down to a manageable few. These people are going to be your sexual targets for the evening.

Why would these people selected? We know all the standard answers—they look good—they turn me on, etc., etc. But the real answer is that they were giving off sexual vibrations. They also were on the "make". They also are sexual addicts, or people who use sex to manipulate other people.

So our dashing young sexual predator who feels that he is in control, is really being controlled by the female sexual addicts in the room. He feels so superior as swaggers about the room, flirting with his selected sexual targets, and planning just the right words, position, and facial expressions. But, he is really the victim. Well, they both are victims—because they're both sexual addicts.

As long as you are a sexual addict and have not learned to control lust, then you will only be attracted to the people who themselves are sexual addicts. The other possible person who might be attracted to you is a "fix it" type person. They feel that you are a pathetic "case", and they want to take care of you. These troubled people hope they will find meaning in life by caring for a pathetic persons such as yourself.

Well, then let’s get first things first. Work on becoming a sexually sober person who is growing in God, and honestly facing all of your character defects. Then you won’t be attracted to sexual addicts, nor will they be attracted to you.

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