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Dependency -- on Women, Men, Sex

It's strange that many lust or fantasy addicts think they are in control. In reality however, they are being controlled. Addicts are on a chain being led around and dominated by other people—and lust.

One married man told me, "I went to the supermarket just look at women. I would follow them around the store staring as I pretended to pickup groceries. Part of me wanted them to look at me—and want me. But if one of them did look at me, I would quickly leave the store. I knew I was sick, but I didn't know how to stop."

You must stop lusting and acting out, but that is only the beginning. You also need to break the chain of dependency which held you in the addictive lust pattern. That dependency will be broken at you repeatedly surrender yourself to God. Continue to ask God to fill up those empty areas within you which force you to lust.

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