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Feeling Alone and Isolated

One of the common factors among people who struggle with lust is that they feel alone, different, isolated from other people. This isolation is a very powerful force which drives their lust addiction.

To gain victory over lust you must begin to connect to people in a positive way. Regularly attended your 12 step meetings. Arrive a few minutes early and deliberately push yourself to greet other people. I know it's hard for you to reach out, but it's equally hard for other people in the group—and each of you needs the connection.

At the break and after the meeting talk to other people, especially greet newcomers. During the sharing times push yourself to gradually be more and more vulnerable. "Loners" stay in their own little world of isolation, fear, secrets, and guilt. Help other people break that cycle—and let them help you.

Connect with God many times throughout the day. As you surrender your lust to Him, also ask Him to fill up the emptiness inside you which causes you to lust. Remember the simple prayer -- and pray it often:

"God, fill up that emptiness in me which I imagine that person could do for me".

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