Drinking in the Images

Lust continually feeds itself. It's as if lust is a hungry animal which needs continual food—sexual images of all types including:

  • Sexual memories
  • Visual triggers
  • Music
  • Videos
  • The Internet
  • Phone Sex

Sadly, lust is never satisfied with the images in the head from yesterday—it always wants new images, a new fix, a new stimulation. Additionally, lust keeps pushing the person deeper into addiction.

At the beginning it was enough to just look at a person and wish you could have sex with them. But lust always wants more. Soon you're acting out with affairs, or talking to people in chat rooms about explicit sex.

But that's not enough as lust pushes the person even deeper. Gradually the person may even tolerate picking up prostitutes, homosexual activities in public restrooms, acting out with little children, or even having sex with household pets.

You must break the ever downward cycle by refusing to drink in any sexual images. At any time, you can finally save yourself by saying, "This is as deep as I ever want to go--I will stop this lust cycle". Stop it now! Work the program--use the tools.

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