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Will I Ever Get Better?

You are already getting better. You've been working the program this far, and you're learning about the power of lust, your beginning to understand some of your childhood needs, and your becoming more honest with yourself, others, and God. That's progress—you are getting better!

You've lived for many years with lust and fantasy as an uncontrollable force in your life. The solution to lust is not some quick fix. But you've made the choice to do the hard work which is necessary—you are getting better!

Let's think of that question from another angle. If you rephrase the question, "Will I ever get to the point where I will never be triggered to lust after someone?" The answer to that question is, "No!"

In this program however, you're gaining the tools which will help you whenever a trigger crosses your path, or you remember a past event, or when you feel lonely, experience loss, or feel empty inside. You are learning how to pray way the lust, to connect with God, and to connect with other people. You will be able to sustain your victory over lust!

But for now, don't focus on “when” you're going to be healthy. Just work the program day by day, staying touch with God, attending meetings, seeing your counselor, and listening to your sponsor.

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