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Your Personal Quiet Time

Hopefully you have already identified the daily 30 minutes which are your special quiet time for personal reflection.   In order to help you in this process, Part 3 in this book entitled, "Daily QT", makes specific suggestions for each of your daily quiet times.   Remember, your quiet times are not just options, they are a crucial part of your victory process.

Typically sex addicts resist having a daily quiet time—“I don't have that much time—I’m a very busy person!"   But remember, you're going to have all that extra time because you're not acting out anymore.   You're not spending an hour or more each day in fantasy.   You also don't have to take time out of your busy schedule to go to adult bookstores, cruise for prostitutes, look at porno videos, or spend four hours in the middle of the night on the Internet.

Wow, you've got lots of time! So let's forget all of your baloney—“I don't have time".

Perhaps the bigger reason for resistance for many people is they don't know what to do with their 30 minutes.   Following is a brief outline of what you should do:

  • Find quiet place, and push all distractions out of your mind.
  • Pray -- "God, I surrender myself and my lust problem to you, teach me whatever you want during this quiet time.
  • Read the suggested sections from the Bible. (Part three of this book)
  • Read the suggested sections from other books.  (Part three of this book)
  • Read the suggested sections from this book, "Sixty Days toward Victory over Lust".  (Part four of this book)
  • Focus on the key ideas which you have picked up as you've done your reflective readings.
  • Pray again.  Ask God to help you focus throughout this day on the concepts He has guided you to see during this quiet time.

Focus on one concept from your morning quiet time which you plan to live out in your actions and thinking during this day. Each day, think of your new action or thought process as a brick in your wall toward victory over lust.   One day at a time, one life changing concept at a time--on brick at a time.

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