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Attend Meetings

"How many meetings do I have to attend?" When one guy started the program, he told the group, and himself, "12 steps, 12 weeks, then I'm outa here". The people who fail are the ones who don't attend 12 step meetings regularly. And when these people do attend they don't really get involved. After all, they're not really addicts.

To get victory over lust, you should probably start your program by attending at least two or three meetings a week. Some people who are really struggling attend as many as seven meetings a week. Two or three weekly meetings will give you the support the two need to stay sexually sober. The meetings also connect you with other people who are gaining sexual sobriety, so you can learn their secrets for success.

Attending meetings gives you the opportunity to know people so your daily phone calls are not just connecting you with a face, not just a name. Additionally, you'll get to see your sponsor face-to-face. Occasionally you'll have the opportunity to hear some person give away their “First Step”. This is a very powerful time as an individual honestly shares the destruction which lust and sexual addiction has caused in their lives.

The meetings will give you courage to keep working the program—to gain progressive victory over your lust.

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