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Why Do I Have to Work the Steps?

Step writing for some people is very difficult. Some addicts find all kinds of reasons why they should not do the writing. They blamed it on their education, or they don't have a computer, or they're not good at putting their ideas on paper, or they just plain think it's stupid to write all this stuff—“Besides, I'm not as bad as these people. They need to do this work—not me".

The 12 step program is not an assignment to punish you, it’s a program which will help you understand yourself, and why you're addicted to lust and fantasy. Yes this is hard work, but yes you will be changed—and you'll love the changed you!

It may sound as if I am a broken record, but just submit. Do what are told to do—just work the program. Do your step writing and let the steps correct you. You'll understand it more clearly as you go along, and eventually you'll be telling other people, "Hey, you really need to get going on your 12 step writing".

Did you feel any rebellion in those earlier comments? Was their tone out of stubbornness? People who resist the program are back to the ego problem again—“I want to do it my way!" But remember, you never had victory when you did it your way.

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