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What About Slips?

Victory over lust is progressive. On the one hand, think in terms of "zero tolerance for lust", but at the same time, remember you are achieving “progressive” victory over lust. You are gradually learning how to manage your addictive fantasy and lust.

If you do slip, learn from your slips. Think back to what happened in your life just before you slipped. Had you been disappointed, were you been feeling alone, was there a sexual trigger which you didn't pray away, or did you permit something you'd previously stored in your mind to become an active fantasy.

As you think back over that time before your slip, try to identify the events or feelings which made you vulnerable. Then replay the situation -- but this time change your response to it. If you were triggered by some person, then as you replay the event, repeat the prayer you would have prayed, “God, help me to find in you what I fantasize I would find in him/her”. If you were triggered by a feeling of loneliness, then admit that frankly to God. Ask them to fill up that emptiness which was a part of setting you up for failure. Remember, as you keep working on the problems behind the addiction, you will get progressive victory over lust.

If you find yourself repeatedly slipping then you need to talk your sponsor, as well as your counselor, and other people in the 12 step program. These people will have practical suggestions about how you can keep from repeatedly slipping.

One of the most common factors for people who repeatedly slip, is that they have not set "zero tolerance for lust"—they don't surrender their lust to God when it first hits them.

Victory over lust can be yours as you surrender to God, set "zero tolerance for lust" and work the program.

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