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Storing Fantasies on the Mental Hard Drive

On the first look you became aware that you were being "triggered". Now the question is, “Do you turn away by ‘praying away the lust’, or do you look again?”

The second look is to decide if you want to take the third look. You are unconsciously asking, “Is that picture, that person, that image, that fantasy thought worth a third look?”

The third look is to drink in the image. You've glanced at several people in the restaurant, but now you are drinking in the image of one particular person. "This person could really meet my needs". Now you're looking at all the details — your storing all the information on your mental hard drive. You want to make sure that you can remember her total sexual image, so that later you can use her image as you masturbate.

The problem with storing information in your mind, is that it’s hard to ever get rid of it. You are likely to pull up that image again and repeatedly act out. Another sad reality is that you will likely dream about the person at night. Now even your subconscious is controlled by your lust.

If you are serious about breaking your addiction, then you must not store sexual images in your mind. As you continue to turn away from lust you will also notice that your nighttime dreams will become less sexual. Your mind really is changing—even when you are sleeping.

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