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Lust is the Drug that Covers the Pain

People who struggle was sexual addiction, keep telling themselves, "If only I could stop acting out sexually, then I would be okay." It may sound strange, but the real problem is not the sexual acting out—it’s only the result of the problem.

The real problem is the pain in the addict’s life—memories from childhood such as sexual, physical, or emotional abuse. Common feelings among addicts are abandonment, isolation, or feeling they don't really connect with people.

Some sexual addicts feel as if they came from outer space—or maybe there was a mistake at the hospital and they really belong to another family. This "aloneness", is so commonly seen in 12 step meetings. People stare at the floor because they are in their own little world of pain and isolation.

So the solution problem is to deal with the pain which is causing the lust and the inappropriate sexual acting out. Change will begin as you give yourself fully to this program -- talking to people in the meetings where you attend, making the phone calls, seeing your counselor, following your sponsor’s leadership, writing the steps, and connecting deeply with God.

The more you focus on the underlying causes for your sexual addiction and confront your character defects, the less you'll need to focus on the addiction itself.

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