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Zero Tolerance for Lust

Suppose you’re trying to break your dependence on caffeine. The only way to do it is to stop any caffeine from entering your body—cola's, coffee, tea, chocolate, or even using Anacin. Yes, you will have three or four rough days of headaches as the caffeine works its way out of your system, but finally it will be gone. So you put up with the pain in order to get over using caffeine.

The same thing is true of lust. The way to break the back on the lust habit — is to stop lusting. Sadly, many addicts believe they can continue to play with a little bit of lust — "How can a little bit of lusting hurt me?"

But let's go back to the caffeine illustration. If on the second day you have only two or three cola's because you think it won't hurt, then you have to start all over again. So you try again, no caffeine for the first day. Yes, you have those massive headaches again, but you are trying to get off of caffeine.

On day two you can’t stand it anymore, so you drink four colas during the day. Now you must start the cycle all over again, and go through that pain all over again. When will you learn that the only way to get off of caffeine—is to get off of caffeine?

Breaking lust addiction is exactly the same—you must have a zero tolerance for lust. At the moment a lust trigger comes to you—you must immediately pray it away. You can't play with lust a little bit in your mind and then later pray it away. The only way to break the back on lust—is to stop lusting.

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