I'm Not Really An Addict

The first time a person attends him an Sexaholics Anonymous meeting, they usually begin telling themselves lies. "Wow, I'm glad I'm not as bad as these people!” “Now these people really have a problem—they really are addicts!"

It's always easier to find someone else who seems to be more of an addict. If we can keep pointing our fingers at their problems, then we can ignore our problems. For most people, it is a very humbling process to face themselves.

But you must break through your self-righteous attitude, your ego driven grandiosity, or you will continue stumbling along through life dominated by your passions. Turn your focus away from the problems of others, and give yourself to God, and to this program. As you submit yourself, you will gradually be able to make an honest appraisal of your problem. But for now, drop all of the false pretense—work the program.

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