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Phone Calls

At first you may find that your telephone handset weighs a thousand pounds. You will probably argue about whether you really need to make phone calls. "It seems like a lot of unnecessary work—“I'm just too busy for all that stuff—I can't work it into my busy schedule".

Isolation is another common trait of addicts. They are loners. Addicts falsely believe they are in control of their lives—that they don't need anyone else to help them. Addicts frequently appear to be "The life of the party", but even in a large crowd they feel very much alone. This is why it’s so difficult for sexual addicts to pick up the phone and talk to someone about what's going on in their lives. Addicts find it hard to connect.

Addicts also don't like to tell the truth—their lives are full of secrets. The telephone call is going to focus on, “How are you doing with your lust? How many days of sobriety do you have? And are you praying away the lust all through the day?” The person with a lust problem doesn’t want to be confronted.

Phone calls are hard to make at first, but you must make them. After several weeks of telephone calls, you'll begin to notice you are connecting with people, building friendships, and letting other people help you. You'll begin to see that the bondage of isolation being broken—as well as your lust addiction becoming less compulsive.

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