Praying Away Lust

As soon as you are aware of a sexual trigger—a person, a picture, TV image, or even a memory out of your past—pray it away. Don't play with the thought in your mind. Remember that addicts are self-deceived. You’ve told yourself for years that you could manage your lust. Don't believe that lie! If you're so good at it, then why you reading this website? Fooling around with lust is the same is saying, “I'm only a little HIV-positive”. You are, or you aren't HIV-positive!

So from day one learn to pray away lust. Here's how you do it. Repeatedly pray this simple prayer:

"God, help me to find in You, what I'm trying to find in that other person".

By the time you've prayed that prayer a dozen, or 20 times, you'll find your lust and compulsion is gradually going away. There is a basic emptiness in every sexual addict which causes them to compulsively reach out for someone else to meet their internal emptiness.

When you pray away the lust, you not only ask God to help you to stop lusting, but you're asking God to fill that empty hole in you. So right from the "get go", develop the habit of praying away your lust every time a trigger hits you.

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