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Synergistic Activities

Your success in beating this addiction depends on you being involved in several activities at the same time. You’re not going to gain victory over lust by just seeing your counselor, or by just going to a weekly meeting, or by doing only one of the other important activities I will suggest to you.

It's like making a vegetable soup — you may start with a chicken broth, but it's not soup yet. You need to add the carrots, potatoes, the celery, onions, and several other vegetables—but it's not soup yet. You must also add the spices and the seasonings—plus allow it all to simmer together. Now you have soup.

To get victory over lust, you'll need to commit yourself to do all of the following—and more:

  • Stop sexually acting out.
  • Attend Sexaholics Anonymous meetings.
  • Get a sponsor, and submit to that person.
  • Read the white book and other Sexaholic Anonymous books.
  • Make daily phone calls to other people in S.A.
  • Have a daily quiet time.
  • Work the 12 steps.
  • Pray away your lust moment by moment.
  • Attend SA retreats and unity conferences.
  • Read other books which will help with your new life of victory over lust.
  • Work with your counselor to discover those empty places within you.

Each of the above items are very important, but doing only a few of them will almost certainly doom you to failure. The people who succeeded, are the ones who give themselves to all of the above activities — with a determination to truly become Godly people, with changed characters.


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