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The Pace of Recovery

Only you can decide how serious is your desire to recover from your lust addiction. Many old-time AA sponsors would not except any excuses for not being sober, or not attending meetings, or not working the steps.

Be honest — are you really too busy to win this battle? It's easy to just coast along with old patterns. But that way of life has caused you a lot of pain. You've taken the first steps by looking at this website, now keep at it.

A word of encouragement. Don't be discouraged if, or when you fail. Pick yourself up and start again. This is not about perfectionism, but about progressive victory over lust! Start again where you left off — do it!! You're worth it.

Won't it be great when you don't have to live a secret life and remember who you told which lie the last time? And just think how happy your mate will be because now they'll be able to trust you. You've started a great new chapter in your life! Yea for you!

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The Conways and Farrels are international speakers and popular authors.

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