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Remember what we covered in part one of getting started. Let's review:


1. Tell at least two people that you’ve found this website--and that you intend to work this program. Remember, The purpose of step 1 was to get yourself on record with your determination to be different person, and not be controlled by lust and sexual addiction.


2. Think about your daily schedule. With that second step you're supposed to ask yourself, “When can I find 30 minutes to do the necessary reading, praying, and writing so that I will be successful in this program?” Hopefully you were courageous enough to face all of your flimsy excuses and really set the time aside.


Now let's look at part two of getting started.


3. Buy a new Bible. Choose a modern translation of the Bible, such as, The New Living Translation, The Message, or the New International Version. Start with a clean unmarked Bible, so you won't be influenced by a someone else's markings, or when you may have read that section before.


Remember you can get all of your books on the Internet by clicking on www.Amazon.com, Tyndale.com. Or you can go to a local bookstore. While you're there look at one or more of the following books, or similar books which may be helpful in dealing with lust addiction:

  • Don't Call It Love by Patrick Carnes, Ph.D.

  • Every Man's Battle by Arterburn and Stoeker

  • Breaking Free by Russell Willingham

  • Reclaiming Surrendered Ground by Jim Logan

4. Call S.A. International for the telephone numbers and locations of Sexaholic Anonymous meetings in your area. Following is the national number which will help you get started:


National Office -- Nashville, TN

(615) 331-6230

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