Are My Uncontrollable Emotions Normal At Menopause?

Menopausal wwoman robe cartoonomen often complain that they are pounded with doubts, hurt feelings, and uncontrollable crying spells more than ever before in their lives. They feel sad or anxious for no apparent reason. Or, the slightest little offense catapults them into an uncharacteristic rage. If this describes you--you are normal!

We probably travel on the biggest guilt trip when our mind and emotions are in pain and confusion. Somehow we are made to feel we should be able to control our emotions all the time. Then we also are ashamed to get help when we need it.

Again, it’s important to remember that we make choices that affect what our mind thinks and how we perceive life. We can often exercise control over our emotional reactions. We also influence our physical health by what we eat and drink, how we rest, how much we exercise, and whether we get medical treatment when we need it.

However, some things happen in both our bodies and our psyches which are beyond our control. During menopause different chemicals are flooding our brain which changes the way we process events happening around us. But often women feel that emotional distresses are more directly their fault than are physical ones. But, as one woman wrote on her questionnaire, "Menopausal symptoms are like the flu. They aren’t your fault."

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