Is Low Self-Esteem Worse For Homemakers Than Working Women?

woman stressed with babyA study of self-esteem in family-oriented and career-oriented women found that working professional women, whether married or single, by the middle adult years hold themselves in higher regard than equally gifted homemakers. The researchers go on to comment, "Given these striking findings, it seems we cannot in good conscience continue to raise girls to seek their primary personal fulfillment and self-identity within the family. If bright women seek no other sources of gratification in addition to marriage and maternity, self-esteem eventually drops and loneliness and uncertainty plague them."woman at computer

Some Christians may argue that God intended for women to care for husbands and children and they should be happy doing so. We agree that there should be satisfaction in being a wife and mother, but a woman needs to check her motives carefully and to determine the source of her identity and self-esteem. This is true whether she is solely a homemaker, a career woman, or a combination of the two. If her occupation as wife and mother changes, she loses her husband, or her children no longer need her as much, she must have a picture of herself and an identity that are based on who God has made her to be as an individual. No woman should live off the identity or accomplishments of her husband, children, employer, work colleagues, or anyone else.

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